Monday, 15 July 2024


Directed by
Fitsum Admasu

Assistant Directors
Abel Assefa
Ammanuel Anbessie

Director of Photography
Andualem Deressa

Assistant Camera Man
Kidus Ermias

Second Assistant Camera Man
Robel Getachew

Visual Effects
Ammanuel Anbessie

Editing and Color Correction
Fitsum Admasu

Addisu Sisay

Aman Fessehaye

Music Composition and Mastering
Ermias Molla

Acting Coach
Abel Assefa

Getahun Assefa
Sebsibe Fekede
Frezer Ketsela
Mesfin Nigussie
Zelekash Tamru
Kalkidan GashawTena
Bethelem Esayas
Dawit Getaneh

Special Thanks to
Yared Kassa
Tom Training Center
Gollagul Tower


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