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    Why do we do this? - A Letter from The Founder

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    Today marks our 1,000th day! What’s special about that?

    Contrary to what you may have expected, Daily Injera was not born out of some kind of specific passion or vision at first. It was launched after months and multiple arguments with other Ethiopian social media ministries on, ‘why don’t you do it better; why don’t you use original and contextual Ethiopian pictures?’. This is when I finally decided to step in myself and contribute with what I do best. What started with an aim of just filling some gap, specifically and specially focused on quality and consistency, birthed a vision of discipleship by sharing a daily scripture on social media. 

    Posting every day was what I signed up for when I named the ministry ‘Daily Injera’. That’s pretty easy. Right? A few minutes every day, a verse from the Bible? Simple enough! Well, what I thought would be extremely easy, compared to my other design works, turned into a massive time and energy consuming work that demanded absolute dedication. 

    Once it was started, the real mission was slowly uncovered. I thought it could be a good solution for the majority of the youth who no longer read the Bible constantly. Daily Injera would be a good Christian resource center in the midst of rising of false teachings and as a place that offers personal follow up with our audience. 

    50,000,000 reaches (amount of post views) later, here are a few reflections I would like to share;

    The Challenges

    From slow computers, hectic and busy work schedules, a shortage of Amharic fonts, to the unreliable internet; then there are the volunteers who don’t deliver, partners who don’t understand what and why we do this plus an easily offended audience; every day is filled with some kind of challenge. Every day we have one more reason to quit and just get some good rest. But I pause for a moment and think of why I continue doing this; the people who have been touched by the posts, motivate us and inspire us to start afresh, and that keeps me going strong.

    Why you should start it too

    As we all know, the number of Ethiopian Christian Pages, especially the ones that focus exclusively on sharing the Word of God, are incredibly low. If I have to count them, they wouldn’t be more than 8. In this age of social media outburst, and a country filled with youth, the Kingdom could really use your hand, knowledge, talent and passion. Think of something you’re passionate about today, gather few friends who might help, then start preparing some content. If there’s already a ministry who is doing the same thing, start contributing regularly. If not, create your own page, be resilient, passionate. Everyone is going through some hardship in their life, so know for sure that someone would definitely be encouraged, uplifted, inspired or even saved from what’s inside you! We’re also here to assist you with what we know - feel free to contact us!

    May 10, 2018

    50,000,000 Post Reach

    4,800,000 Engagement

    Post Reach - The amount of views a post has been seen
    Engagement - The amount of direct interaction, such as like, comment and share
    April 10,2018

    Launched Pastoral Care

    Prayer and counseling service at +251945000005. Reachable at Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram and IMO as well!
    Dec 10, 2017

    125,000 Wallpaper Downloads

    Over 400 of our posts on Facebook resized and redesigned to fit Android, iPhone 4,5,6,6+, MacBook, PC and Facebook Timeline Cover sizes.
    Jan 3, 2017

    Website Launched

    Launched with 100 Articles, Devotionals and Wallpapers.
    Dec 25, 2016

    Produced our first short film

    Released a short film for Christmas titled 'Share Joy'. Check out all of our films here

    Aug 24, 2015

    Valuable Members

    We can’t thank all of our members, contributors and volunteers here. But for now, we would really like to thank our dearest members who were with us since the start, through the thick and thin, contributing their everything to make all things work smoothly. Namely, Genaye Eshetu, for simply giving us 4+ years of her photography archives (around 320GB!)! And Rahel Asheber, our late Editor In Chief and now our trusted advisor, for guiding us. And Amman Anbessie, our Media Director, for helping produce our short films from start to end, Ermias Alemu for composing those wonderful tracks for the films.

God, who is the center of creativity deserves all of our milestones and everything we have achieved so far. Nothing would have been possible without his generous gifts of passion, dedication, energy, the right people and time. May all praise be to him. 

    For from him and through him and for him are all things. To him be the glory forever! Amen.
    Rom 11:6

    Cheers to what’s coming :) 

    The Founder


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    The Founder

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